Superior Japanese room with a garden

Beautiful Japanese garden will welcome you to this very spacious traditional Japanese room once Maiko/Geisha performed their dance in this room. Perfect for spending a quiet time, or practicing zen, tea ceremony, or yoga. Perfect for reading in a rainy day!


Twin bed room with a garden

This room was a dance practice room for Maiko/Geisha in Gion. Maiko and Geisha come to this House to learn Japanese dance that they perform in front of their guests.

Dancing Maiko may show up in your dream!!! Yes, yumiya komachi was a Japanese dance teacher’s house!


2nd floor Twin Japanese room

This sunny and spacious Japanese room is perfect for maple tree lovers!
The windows are covered by fresh green leaves in spring and red colorful leaves in fall. Sitting on the small balcony like corridor and watching the Japanese garden on the ground is very relaxing….




2nd floor twin bedroom  – local street and Japanese house view

This very sunny and warm room is combination of Japanese and western style. Comfort of bed on the tatami mattress. From spacious windows, you can see the beautiful pink plum flowers in spring, maple trees, and neighborhood traditional Japanese houses.


2nd floor single Japanese room – Japanese Kawara roof and garden view

This cozy and charming Japanese tatami room has a great view of Japanese KAWRA roof of neighborhood! It looks like a roof rice fields!!! Garden view is extra!
Many guests told us that they could sleep very well in this room!!!